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International Properties

EstateSync allows to export international objects. This is achieved by setting the country and region field of the object address. The country field accepts only values according to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 standard.

When publishing the property on a immobilienscout-24 or immobilienscout-24-sandbox target, the following restrictions apply for international objects:

  • only properties of type apartmentBuy, houseBuy, plotBuy and commercialPlotBuy can have a country different from DEU
  • the region field is required when country is different from DEU and must be set to a valid region for the provided country

The following table provides a list of accepted country values and corresponding accepted region values:

DEUDEU (Deutschland)
ESPESP (Spanien)
ITAITA (Italien)
FRAFRA (Frankreich)
AUTAUT (Österreich)
CHECHE (Schweiz)
BELBEL (Belgien)
NLDNLD (Niederlande)
GRCGRC (Griechenland)
PRTPRT (Portugal)
TURTUR (Türkei)
AREARE (Vereinigte Arabische Emirate)
CANCAN (Kanada)
TZATZA (Tansania)