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One API for the German real estate market

An easy-to-use interface for Developers to avoid implementing data synchronization with real estate platforms and third party standards.

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Stop the chaos

There are a variety of ways to transfer real estate data in German marketplaces like Immobilienscout24, Immowelt or Ebay Kleinanzeigen.

If you want to exchange data between software and platforms, it can be quite challenging: different versions of the OpenImmo standard, the IS24 API, outdated FTP servers or complex 3-Legged-Authentication.

EstateSync helps developers to overcome these difficulties with its modern Rest API.

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One API for all platforms

Instead of having to develop separate interfaces for each platform and software, developers can send real estate data directly to EstateSync via its REST API. EstateSync handles authentication with the target platform, formats the data as needed, and makes it available to the service according to its specifications.

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More Features

Receiving contact requestsReceiving contact requests

Receiving contact requests

Real estate platforms usually send new contact requests to the agent via email. These can be forwarded to EstateSync and then received in a standardized format via webhooks.

API DashboardAPI Dashboard

API Dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview over created objects, events, API keys and settings. Real-time updates allow a smooth development process.

Up-to-date and detailed documentationUp-to-date and detailed documentation

Up-to-date and detailed documentation

EstateSync's API is developed through a design-first approach. The result is a well-documented product that enables fast and efficient development.



In order to not always have to make an API request for updates, EstateSync offers webhooks. When a certain event occurs, an HTTPS request is automatically sent to the URL you provided.



Privacy-By-Design applies. This means that data is stored on European servers and confidential information from e.g. contact requests is automatically anonymized after a certain time.



EstateSync processes real estate exports immediately. New listings are usually online within a few minutes depending on the target platform.

Frequently asked questions

Who develops EstateSync and why?

EstateSync is developed by the Exposify team. Since 2015 we specialize in software for the real estate sector and originally developed EstateSync as a service for in house use. Over time, the technology has proven its efficiency, and we decided to provide EstateSync as its own product to help developers and companies with the integration of real estate platforms.

Why not use OpenImmo?

OpenImmo has been around since 2001 and, as OpenImmo e.V., is committed to a common standard for the exchange of real estate data. However, OpenImmo is not software or an API, it is only a standard that determines the form of real estate data.
In order to actually transfer data to platforms, the data has to be sent to FTP servers or you have to set up these servers yourself. Not to mention other platforms that adhere to the IS24 standard, for example, or offer their own Rest API.
We believe that in 2021 it should be easier to exchange data. That's why we are developing EstateSync.

Can I give EstateSync a try?

Of course you can. Simply register and test the service. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.

The right plan for every project


For developers to test the API
3 Properties
10 Targets
1 Admin-User
Standard Mail-Support
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For real estate agents and small platforms
90€ / Month*
50 Properties
10 Targets
5 Admin-User
Standard Mail-Support
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For software vendors and large platforms
190€ / Month*
200 Properties
800 Targets
unlimited Admin-User
Priority Mail- & Phone-Support
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* plus VAT

Got any other questions?

We are happy to answer them. Just send us an email and we'll get in touch with you.