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Frequently asked questions

Who develops EstateSync and why?

Since 2015 we have been specializing in software for the real estate industry and originally developed EstateSync for internal purposes: Our real estate software Exposify needed a way to reliably place real estate on portals. Over time, the technology has proven its efficiency, and we decided to provide EstateSync as its own product to help developers and companies with the integration of real estate platforms.

Why not use OpenImmo?

OpenImmo has been around since 2001 and, as OpenImmo e.V., is committed to a common standard for the exchange of real estate data. However, OpenImmo is not software or an API, it is only a standard that determines the form of real estate data. In order to actually transfer data to platforms, the data has to be sent to FTP servers or you have to set up these servers yourself. Not to mention other platforms that adhere to the IS24 standard, for example, or offer their own Rest API. We believe that in 2024 it should be easier to exchange data. That's why we are developing EstateSync.

Can I give EstateSync a try?

Of course you can. Simply register and test the service. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.